Why Children of Sex Workers

  • It is estimated that a child goes missing every eight minute.

  • According to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) report in India, there are approximately 5.4 million children of prostitutes, and most live with their mothers in red light areas (NHRC, 2008).

  • The children of prostitutes often struggle to meet their basic needs like food, shelter, medical care etc because of the brothel keeper’s oppressive structure. These children do not have adequate food, safe shelter, education, and clothing.

  • Brothel keepers take advantage of this deprivation, commonly using children to pressure their mothers into providing sexual acts to customers without condoms or to work extra hours so that the brothel keeper can make more money.

  • These women face the challenge of bringing up their children in an unsafe environment where criminal activity,drug trafficking, gang violence is at constant rise.

  • These children go through tremendous traumatic experience when they watch their mothers engaged in the sexual activities.

  • Seema’s Project – Step Towards Life works towards protecting them by providing them shelter in most friendly and safe enviroment.

Our Child Welfare Center believes in three methodologies


Children of sex workers have their own physical, emotional, and educational needs  which goes unnoticed and are exposed to abuse ,bullying
in school including the viscious cycle of trafficking. Seema’s project – Step Towards Life protects these marginalized children by providing them a safe home, quality education, nutritious food and counseling services.


Our work in child protection involves identifying and closely working with the children of sex workers in the red light area who are at risk to exploitation and trafficking.We  lobby with government and other partners to strengthen our child protection laws and policies in order to prevent and respond to issues revolving around the children of sex workers. We also work with other like minded institutions and organizations to change ambiguous attitudes of the society towards the children of sex workers.


Restoring and rebuilding the lives of the children of sex workers can be a daunting task  but not  impossible. Though the children come here in their most wretched state, Seema’s project believes that these children can be transformed into useful members of society if they are given proper care, love and attention.


The Children's development Center facility was established to

Provide educational opportunities for the well-rounded growth and development of the children of sex workers.

To instil hope and confidence in the children and to offer them tools to achieve their full potential.

To treat children with respect at all times.

To meet the needs of the children in a child friendly environment.