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Our Principles


Our work in child protection involves identifying and closely working with the children of sex workers in the red light area who are at risk to exploitation and trafficking.


Seema’s project – Step Towards Life protects these marginalized children by providing them a safe secured home, quality education, nutritious food and counseling services.


We educate students for betterment of their future so that they can gain equal respect in this ambigious society.  Their bright future is our goal

What we do ?

Rev. Haribhau Waghmode Patil Pratishthan(RHWPP) was founded in 2005 as a non-profit organization with headquarters in Pune, India. It is registered under BPT Act 1950 number F-20332 and FCRA Act 1976 number 083930502.

RHWPP provides health education programmes to schools and communities under the Pune Municipal Corporation raising health awareness amongst female Sex Workers , truckers, police, slum dwellers and children.

RHWPP cares for the children of the sex workers in our child development centre in Bori which is nearly 30 Km at the outskirts of Baramati, Maharashtra .

Our Objective


Our main objective is to rehabilitate the children of female sex workers who are at risk to entering prostitution. This gave birth to Seema’s Project – Step Towards Life,  founded by Mrs. Seema Waghmode and Mr. Shirish Waghmode, who currently serve as the Executive Chairman/Director. Their vision is to remove the children of sex workers from the red light area of Pune and to rehabilitate them to be useful members of the society. This project has registered over 52 vulnerable children of female sex workers and providing them with new hope and beginning.

Our Operational Model

Child Development Centre Facility

Seema’s Project provides all basic needs for the children including nutritious food, medical care, formal education as well as spiritual help and counseling. Our sister organization known as Kayakalpa operates from the red light area of Pune and provides health care, counseling and other services to the sex workers.Kayakalpa identifies the children of sex workers and transfers them to our child development centre in Bori. RHWPP/Seema’s Project creates public awareness concerning the plight of sex workers and their children, sex trafficking, as well as HIV/AIDS.

The children come from the Red Light Area of Pune in their most wretched state but here at Seema’s Project, they are transformed into productive members of society, they finally find a home, where they can experience unconditional love, care and discipline.

Seema’s Project – Step Towards Life ,has now become a Home that is a rescue centre for many children of sex workers, that no child in the red light districts of India may ever lack where to go.